Monday, February 14, 2011


Today is Valentines Day so yeaa HAPPY VALENTINE'S TO YOU GUYSSSS
well today is just the same like any valentine that happen before
but this time I got choco and its from Xuan Ying haha
Who would have thought she was the one secretly giving to choco to other people
and she gave one to herself so that no one realise it was her.
HAHAH I find that very cute and SWEEEET
but luckily she couldnt fool me and I straight away know it was her XD
actually I was just random guessing for fun
but who would ever thought I hit bull's eye XD
oh well, TOMORRO ill be going to Yen Feng's house to visit,
I mean it is CNY and who wouldnt want to grab an angpao when there is a chance XDDDDDD


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