Monday, February 14, 2011

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Today is Valentines Day so yeaa HAPPY VALENTINE'S TO YOU GUYSSSS
well today is just the same like any valentine that happen before
but this time I got choco and its from Xuan Ying haha
Who would have thought she was the one secretly giving to choco to other people
and she gave one to herself so that no one realise it was her.
HAHAH I find that very cute and SWEEEET
but luckily she couldnt fool me and I straight away know it was her XD
actually I was just random guessing for fun
but who would ever thought I hit bull's eye XD
oh well, TOMORRO ill be going to Yen Feng's house to visit,
I mean it is CNY and who wouldnt want to grab an angpao when there is a chance XDDDDDD


Friday, January 28, 2011

Bloggin At Schoool

I am currently blogging at school called BEACON HOUSE SRI MURNI now!

P.S. internet freaking slow -.-

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Goodbye 2010! and HELOOO 2011!
Can't believe 2010 is already over,
many good and bad things happen this year
but I thank God that I am still here blogging about my healthy life.
and able to overcome many problems till now :)!
This year,
was quite an unbelieveble year for me,
I step into my form 4 life
met a lot of funny friends from my class and BB,
had arguments with friends,
been a lot more active in BB,
first time been to an orphanage,
feel more close with my friends,
met many teachers ( well this happen almost every year, so not really surprising )
met someone I love but is all over now :)
had a super cool hair cut X)
started to wear contact lense,
was able to catch up with my studies despite the teaching surrounding and stuff
been to alot of camps for the first time,
got interested in music and learnt how to play guitar and trombone,
met GAGA, my pet dog
and lastly, and most importantly
I was able to grow up to become a better person mentally X)!
Eventhough, I had done quite a lot of wrongful things to you guys
I am sorry and thank you for still being by my side :)
and also sorry if I did anything that offended to you guys
sometimes I am too naive to realize my own mistakes
and when I does
is already too late
but I m still working on that
and also I greww taller xd
never expected I can still grow taller despite my age
is a good thing X)!
Alot of my resolutions never achieved
maybe because I didnt think about it thoroughly and my limitations
but I never thought this year will be so busssy
I was busy with projects, homeworks
and studies
to prepare for exam
I need almost a month to study
so this year didnt played alot of online games
never had a chance to play
except during the holidays la XDD

For some reason,
I feel like starting over again,
of course not kill myself and reborn again @.@
I meant since is a new year
I might as well change my life a bit
thats why I cut such a hair for myself
is a really big change X)
and maybe I should be more serious in my studies
Many people say I am smart
maybe true but maybe not
but I am still unsastify with myself yet!

SO lets hope 2011 will be a GREAT year full of countless and wonderful memories that we will
never forget :) despite the pressure and SPM!
CHERISH every moment we have !
and for 2010,
I will never forget those memories we all had together X)

Cant wait to go back for school next week XD
but for some reason, I have a bad feeling bout it :/



Sunday, December 26, 2010


HI GUYS :)!!!!!!
Just came back from Genting a while ago,
has been a while since we went there :x
and the bed is shoo dirty,
my face felt so itchy when sleeping
but I was too tired to bother about anything
so I just continue sleeping,
supposely I though we not going to go genting,
because dad was sleeping , mum was having stomachache
You dont know how happy I was :D!
Then suddenly around midnight, my dad was woke up by my lil bro
because we were shouting to each other from upstair and downstair
that I wanted to eat maggie and he will cook for me O.O
I was like , 'wow, since when he become so kind -.-?'
then mum suddenly became energetic when she knows my dad woke up @.@
so ya in the end we went around midnight
and it was so boring up there :x
I spent the whole day playing Tales of Legendia,
a cute and not-so-hard game
and the puzzle is outrageously EASY to solve
like it was meant for kindergarten kids -.-
and then were no internet, make it more boring D:
Lately, my dad has been quite in a good mood lately,
He been teasing my mom by saying funny jokes XD
he always manage to make the whole family laugh
I am glad he been doing good lately,
because a few months ago , he was quite EMO o.o
lol I dont mean the black tshirt, slitting wrist and stuff
and black make up
more like moody, maybe because of work :/

OK change topic xp!
I been verry busy this holiday
I promised myself, I would study for science form 4
because we didnt finish the syllabus
due to our incredibly 'pro' science teacher XD
I dont wanna talk bout him ;x
he make me very speechless @.@!
but then it seems like I going to break the promise
because I only studied 2 chapters and there is still 2 more to go @.@
the current chapter I reading is superr duper confusing ,
and having hard time understanding it D:
but thanks to some friends help,
I manage to understand a bit laaa
I wan to go tuition ASAP @.@
but all the tuitions near my area is all CHINESE TEACHING D:!!!
which is useless for me
because I am a BANANA D:!!
SO yea , I facing problem finding tuition now D:
I dont wanna go back to my ex tuition
because I scared I met back the guy that flirted me when I was std 6 D:!

I also been going camps during the holidays XD
and it wass really fun
actually is just Junior Camp and Senior Training Camp
I learnt alot from the camps and got tanned from it as well @.@
so now I am trying to be fair skinned back but dont know how D:
It was my 1st senior training camp XD
and I really loved it alot,
because it have Amazing Race
It really looks like the real amazing race XD!
there is even detour
and it was really tough
but we managed to get third
so it was quite good XD
I like my teammates lol,
they are really funny XD
and active
It was tiring as well,
especially when they woke us up at 5 am when actually we have to wake up around 7.30 am
I was like so sleepy and Staff Sergeant Richard was giving us a lesson on leadership haha
it was actually to alert us XD
but we all were like half asleep =.=
too bad there is no pictures to express how fun it was XD

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I almost 4got!

Merry Christmas :)!
To you and all your families!


HEEY guys,just came back from the Mines with TK, and the others :)!
We watched The Gulliver's Travels XD
My ratings for the movie is 6/10,
is a quite lame movie and is not worth watching it in 3D :X
nowadays I can't differentiate 3D and normal movies,
both of them looks just the sa
me to me HAHA
maybe production company still not quite good yet to use 3D effects in movies .
and plus, they really should fix the 3D glasses ;x!
they never think of people with big heads like me D;
which is too small for us to wear and lol it was pain for me wearing it too long
so back to the reason why I gave the movie a 6/10 ratings,
well , the storyline was too short I guess o.O
but it is still worth watching , but not in 3D XD
the only 3D effects I remembered was the water splashing part LOL.

He's FAT O.O

but I still thinks RAPUNZEL is on top of my chart.
Eventhough it have a simple storyline,
somehow the whole movie attracts me XD
and I didnt realize the movie is also called Tangled
no wonder i had a hard time finding the songs :/!
I still remembered Sidth kept telling me the main male character was hawtt o.O
lol she told me that whenever that guy appear in the movie -.-!
I was like ' ohkaaay, ohkay..'

AWWWWWWW dont they look SWEET together :)!!!

So back to the Gulliver's Travel movie, at 1st we were suppose to watch it and another cantonese movie, forgot whats the name ady at Jaya Jusco
I saw the whole cinema gloomy and dark
and it was actually a break down since morning @.@
I was like wow O.O
1st time in my life I see a cinema breakdown
and poor cashier ):
have to pay back the money to the customers
and almost bankrupt O.O
just kidding~
and so we went to the Mines instead ,
luckily no breakdown,
but got huge traffic jam -.-
maybe because is Christmas :)!
and others manage to buy the tickets in time -.-
was feeling a bit headache that time due to some reasons X)
but now feeling much better
after a niceee cozzzy bath.

So actually I was suppose to post about camps o.O
but I am kinda lazy ady after typing about the movies and stuff X)
SO Next time ba,
oh YEA
there is also another movie I wanna talk about and that is TRON.
now thats a movie you definitely shouldnt watch in 3D.
is mostly all 2D D:!
so it was another waste to watch it in 3D T.T
and the movie is so different than I thought D:!
AND the whole movie is quite gloomy and confuse o.o
So all I just wanna say is ,
if u like to watch action and racing stuff, maybe is suitable for u X)

The main actress is pretty :3!