Saturday, December 25, 2010


HEEY guys,just came back from the Mines with TK, and the others :)!
We watched The Gulliver's Travels XD
My ratings for the movie is 6/10,
is a quite lame movie and is not worth watching it in 3D :X
nowadays I can't differentiate 3D and normal movies,
both of them looks just the sa
me to me HAHA
maybe production company still not quite good yet to use 3D effects in movies .
and plus, they really should fix the 3D glasses ;x!
they never think of people with big heads like me D;
which is too small for us to wear and lol it was pain for me wearing it too long
so back to the reason why I gave the movie a 6/10 ratings,
well , the storyline was too short I guess o.O
but it is still worth watching , but not in 3D XD
the only 3D effects I remembered was the water splashing part LOL.

He's FAT O.O

but I still thinks RAPUNZEL is on top of my chart.
Eventhough it have a simple storyline,
somehow the whole movie attracts me XD
and I didnt realize the movie is also called Tangled
no wonder i had a hard time finding the songs :/!
I still remembered Sidth kept telling me the main male character was hawtt o.O
lol she told me that whenever that guy appear in the movie -.-!
I was like ' ohkaaay, ohkay..'

AWWWWWWW dont they look SWEET together :)!!!

So back to the Gulliver's Travel movie, at 1st we were suppose to watch it and another cantonese movie, forgot whats the name ady at Jaya Jusco
I saw the whole cinema gloomy and dark
and it was actually a break down since morning @.@
I was like wow O.O
1st time in my life I see a cinema breakdown
and poor cashier ):
have to pay back the money to the customers
and almost bankrupt O.O
just kidding~
and so we went to the Mines instead ,
luckily no breakdown,
but got huge traffic jam -.-
maybe because is Christmas :)!
and others manage to buy the tickets in time -.-
was feeling a bit headache that time due to some reasons X)
but now feeling much better
after a niceee cozzzy bath.

So actually I was suppose to post about camps o.O
but I am kinda lazy ady after typing about the movies and stuff X)
SO Next time ba,
oh YEA
there is also another movie I wanna talk about and that is TRON.
now thats a movie you definitely shouldnt watch in 3D.
is mostly all 2D D:!
so it was another waste to watch it in 3D T.T
and the movie is so different than I thought D:!
AND the whole movie is quite gloomy and confuse o.o
So all I just wanna say is ,
if u like to watch action and racing stuff, maybe is suitable for u X)

The main actress is pretty :3!


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