Sunday, December 26, 2010


HI GUYS :)!!!!!!
Just came back from Genting a while ago,
has been a while since we went there :x
and the bed is shoo dirty,
my face felt so itchy when sleeping
but I was too tired to bother about anything
so I just continue sleeping,
supposely I though we not going to go genting,
because dad was sleeping , mum was having stomachache
You dont know how happy I was :D!
Then suddenly around midnight, my dad was woke up by my lil bro
because we were shouting to each other from upstair and downstair
that I wanted to eat maggie and he will cook for me O.O
I was like , 'wow, since when he become so kind -.-?'
then mum suddenly became energetic when she knows my dad woke up @.@
so ya in the end we went around midnight
and it was so boring up there :x
I spent the whole day playing Tales of Legendia,
a cute and not-so-hard game
and the puzzle is outrageously EASY to solve
like it was meant for kindergarten kids -.-
and then were no internet, make it more boring D:
Lately, my dad has been quite in a good mood lately,
He been teasing my mom by saying funny jokes XD
he always manage to make the whole family laugh
I am glad he been doing good lately,
because a few months ago , he was quite EMO o.o
lol I dont mean the black tshirt, slitting wrist and stuff
and black make up
more like moody, maybe because of work :/

OK change topic xp!
I been verry busy this holiday
I promised myself, I would study for science form 4
because we didnt finish the syllabus
due to our incredibly 'pro' science teacher XD
I dont wanna talk bout him ;x
he make me very speechless @.@!
but then it seems like I going to break the promise
because I only studied 2 chapters and there is still 2 more to go @.@
the current chapter I reading is superr duper confusing ,
and having hard time understanding it D:
but thanks to some friends help,
I manage to understand a bit laaa
I wan to go tuition ASAP @.@
but all the tuitions near my area is all CHINESE TEACHING D:!!!
which is useless for me
because I am a BANANA D:!!
SO yea , I facing problem finding tuition now D:
I dont wanna go back to my ex tuition
because I scared I met back the guy that flirted me when I was std 6 D:!

I also been going camps during the holidays XD
and it wass really fun
actually is just Junior Camp and Senior Training Camp
I learnt alot from the camps and got tanned from it as well @.@
so now I am trying to be fair skinned back but dont know how D:
It was my 1st senior training camp XD
and I really loved it alot,
because it have Amazing Race
It really looks like the real amazing race XD!
there is even detour
and it was really tough
but we managed to get third
so it was quite good XD
I like my teammates lol,
they are really funny XD
and active
It was tiring as well,
especially when they woke us up at 5 am when actually we have to wake up around 7.30 am
I was like so sleepy and Staff Sergeant Richard was giving us a lesson on leadership haha
it was actually to alert us XD
but we all were like half asleep =.=
too bad there is no pictures to express how fun it was XD

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