Saturday, January 1, 2011


Goodbye 2010! and HELOOO 2011!
Can't believe 2010 is already over,
many good and bad things happen this year
but I thank God that I am still here blogging about my healthy life.
and able to overcome many problems till now :)!
This year,
was quite an unbelieveble year for me,
I step into my form 4 life
met a lot of funny friends from my class and BB,
had arguments with friends,
been a lot more active in BB,
first time been to an orphanage,
feel more close with my friends,
met many teachers ( well this happen almost every year, so not really surprising )
met someone I love but is all over now :)
had a super cool hair cut X)
started to wear contact lense,
was able to catch up with my studies despite the teaching surrounding and stuff
been to alot of camps for the first time,
got interested in music and learnt how to play guitar and trombone,
met GAGA, my pet dog
and lastly, and most importantly
I was able to grow up to become a better person mentally X)!
Eventhough, I had done quite a lot of wrongful things to you guys
I am sorry and thank you for still being by my side :)
and also sorry if I did anything that offended to you guys
sometimes I am too naive to realize my own mistakes
and when I does
is already too late
but I m still working on that
and also I greww taller xd
never expected I can still grow taller despite my age
is a good thing X)!
Alot of my resolutions never achieved
maybe because I didnt think about it thoroughly and my limitations
but I never thought this year will be so busssy
I was busy with projects, homeworks
and studies
to prepare for exam
I need almost a month to study
so this year didnt played alot of online games
never had a chance to play
except during the holidays la XDD

For some reason,
I feel like starting over again,
of course not kill myself and reborn again @.@
I meant since is a new year
I might as well change my life a bit
thats why I cut such a hair for myself
is a really big change X)
and maybe I should be more serious in my studies
Many people say I am smart
maybe true but maybe not
but I am still unsastify with myself yet!

SO lets hope 2011 will be a GREAT year full of countless and wonderful memories that we will
never forget :) despite the pressure and SPM!
CHERISH every moment we have !
and for 2010,
I will never forget those memories we all had together X)

Cant wait to go back for school next week XD
but for some reason, I have a bad feeling bout it :/



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